Salmon News Update from Sweden

As I have no salmon fishing until July I thought I would pass on some news from my friend, Anders, in Sweden.

Anders had informed me about six weeks ago that his local river had had a run of larger than normal spring salmon and the fish had arrived in the river much earlier than normal. Some of his friends had suggested that the salmon were the fish that would have entered the river in the summer and autumn of 2016 but had stayed out due to the very low water levels experienced last year and had gained extra weight.

Last Thursday the 11th May I received a post on Facebook by Anna, Anders fiancee, about a fish he had caught and showing a picture of a very happy fisherman with a very large, fresh, salmon. It was Anders.

I had a Skype contact with him this evening, Sunday 14th, and he told me that the river had produced 4 fish on the Thursday and 4 fish on the Friday and weighing up to 11.6kg. The beat he fishes has a catch record book and last year they only part filled one page. In the 6 weeks since the fish started to enter the river his beat had filled the first page and the whole river had more than 12 salmon over 10kg.

18342311_10211132379878217_1566922318245239088_n Anders with his first Swedish salmon of the season a nice fish of 11.6kg (26lb).


The cone head tube fly used by Anders to catch his salmon.

Good luck to Anders for the rest of the season.

I will be meeting up with Anders, Goran, Claes and Hakan, along with Mattias when I travel to Norway in July to fish the River Laerdal.



2 thoughts on “Salmon News Update from Sweden”

  1. Hi mate!
    We have had more fishes in april and may compared to the last years , but now the fishing seems to become more normal.


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