Further update from Sweden 26th May.

I had a Skype contact with Anders tonight after he sent me a Whatsapp message earlier in the day. He had visited his local river at 7am this morning and made contact and landed a nice female salmon of 82cm, approx 6 kg, which was returned to the river. He was on his own and stood on a rock in the water so  he could not take a photo.

His friend lost a fish 2 hours later when the fish was at his feet and his friend was trying to tail it only to lose his grip and the fish made its escape. He estimated the fish at 10 kg.

Shortly after another angler on the beat landed a nice salmon of 6 kg from almost the same spot as the one that got away.

Anders said that they are having the same high temperatures as in the UK with an air   temp. of 24-25 deg C and a water temp. of 19 deg C. The river was in need of a good amount of rain as the level was starting to get very low and Anders had seen some very big fish in the beat. He sent me a video of the salmon that was lost at the bank and the angler has allowed me to post it in my blog.



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